Clarksville, TN February 20, 2017 – Waste Industries donated $5,000 to support youth and individuals seeking to attain emotional wellness and economic independence as a part of LEAP ORG’s Youth Program. Thane Harrison, Waste Industries General Manager supports his company’s Full Circle Project, a Clarksville-based charitable effort allowing its customers to enroll in e-billing to choose where the companies charitable giving should be directed. LEAP ORG was selected because they have served over 1100 youth ages 11 to 24 since 2009.

Waste Industries generally supports Clarksville-based organizations that serve the community. Thane Harrison felt compelled to support LEAP ORG and stated, “After hearing Richard Garrett’s inspirational testimony at our Rotary Club meeting of how God used his troubled past as a springboard to start a youth program that has impacted so many children in the Clarksville community, I felt compelled to support their efforts.” 

Capital Campaign contributions from Waste Industries and other donor will help LEAP achieve two measurable goals. The first one being to serve more youth, to deepen our investment and impact on their lives, making them self-confident and self-sustaining adults. The second one being to create new and expanded opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs that will fortify our communities, positively impact our area’s economy, and to underwrite the youth development programming. 

This $360,000 campaign will target our community in raising awareness of the impact that LEAP ORG has in creating a society of emotionally healthy and economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities.

Steven Lomax, LEAP ORG’s Board President states that “as a fellow Rotarian, I commend Thane and appreciate Waste Industries willingness to support our mission.” 

Waste Industries sponsors the Full Circle Project as a way to give back to the Clarksville community and build a better place for everyone to live. For more information, see To support LEAP ORG’s Capital Campaign, see