Franklin, Tennessee – Judge Bill Acree, a stand-in for Judge Joseph Woodruff, who recused himself after the pre-trial proceedings, sentenced Connie Reguli to 30 days in jail and two years probation last Friday. Woodruff was there as were other people involved in the case.

The hearing took place in Franklin’s historic courthouse and lasted four hours. DCS attorney Tracy Hetzel testified for the state. She had lost a nine-month trial to Reguli who managed to get DCS to return Wendy Hancock’s two children in June 2019 when DCS dropped the case.

During their ten months in DCS custody, Hancock’s children were in six foster homes and four schools two hundred miles away from their home.

A month after that trial was over and Mom had full custody, Hancock and Reguli were charged with felonies for custodial interference. They were railroaded.

Hancock was convicted in July 2021 and Reguli in April 2022. Reguli wants a new trial and Acree will decide in August whether she gets one. Until then she is free on bail.

“This whole case is legalism that perverts justice. It means that a piece of paper, generated by a court even when it is based on lies and invalid procedures, is more important than the truth and the well being and safety of a child,” Reguli said. (see DCS and a Fearless Attorney)

Several of Reguli’s clients testified in her favor and said that she fought against corruption within DCS. Dismissing their testimony, Acree responded that “DCS is not on trial here” at least three times. Reguli says that DCS broke the law and she’s innocent.

Acree is soft spoken and conducted most of the hearing almost in a whisper. The only time he could be heard clearly was at the end of the hearing when he pronounced Reguli’s sentence.

Prosecutor Mary Katharine Evins made a big deal about Reguli’s social media presence on Facebook and claimed she has shown no remorse and should be punished for encouraging others to disrespect the law and the courts.

“Prosecutor Evins’ argument was mere speculation. There is no evidence that I told anybody to violate a court order and no proof was presented that I did,” Reguli told the Tribune.

Family advocate Connie Reguli listens to testimony in her sentencing hearing in the Historical Court House in Franklin on June 24, 2022.

Evins argued that Reguli should not be given diversion and Judge Acree agreed. He denied diversion. It would have allowed her to regain her law license after completing her probation and the criminal charges would be dismissed. Reguli has no criminal history and has publicly maintained her innocence throughout.

Judge Acree acknowledged Reguli has the right to speak under the First Amendment. “You can say just about anything you want to these days,” he said.

“However, after being convicted in this case, you continued to state how wrong the courts were, or how wrong DCS was. And how wrong the officers were. You’re saying, basically, that you have no remorse for what you did, and you’re saying in essence, in public, ‘It’s all right to disobey a court order, if you disagree with that order and that’s simply not an option’.

“All criminal defendants are entitled to an appeal and what Judge Acree has ruled is that maintaining your innocence is a crime in and of itself,” Reguli said.

“I’m concerned that if Ms. Reguli walks away completely from this without any kind of punishment, only probation, that others will be encouraged to do the same thing,” Acree said, adding, “Ms. Reguli, the Court is of the opinion that some incarceration is necessary.”

And with that strange bit of logic the judge demonstrated the limits of Reguli’s free speech rights. In essence, Acree was saying that if you criticize establishment figures in public you will pay a price. 

The exercise of those rights has cost Reguli plenty already. Her law license has been suspended and if the conviction is not reversed she will likely lose her license to practice law in Tennessee permanently. Meanwhile, her former clients are scrambling to find other attorneys to take their cases.

Courts in Kentucky and California have found that attorneys can express their opinions about judges outside the courtroom. “Who knows juvenile courts and DCS better than the attorney who is fighting them?” Reguli asked.

Reguli has been outspoken about abuses in the Child Welfare system in Tennessee and elsewhere in the U.S. She started the Family Forward Project in 2015. The project has 17,000 members in the U.S.  

She went to Washington D.C. a dozen times to advocate for the end of Title IV-E funding that provides states with cash payments for taking children into custody, terminating parental rights, and arranging adoptions.

She said that federal incentives drive the wrongful taking of children all over the U.S. A class action lawsuit was filed in Florida last week alleging its Department of Children and Families (DCF) conspired to take children who had relatives willing to take them but steered adoptions to DCF insiders who were not related to the kids. (See Florida Child Agency Sued)

Reguli was philosophical about the sentencing hearing. “I’m just where I was yesterday. I’m out on bond pending appeal,” she said.

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  1. It has became blatantly obvious that Ms. Connie Reguli has been deliberately targeted for giving her clients zealous representation . The county simply can’t afford to have that, given the amount of revenue the county takes in to remove children from their parent(s) needlessly.
    Perhaps it is time for operation Greylord should be resurrected for Tennessee.

    1. What they have done to connie is absolute abuse of power! since when can they just make up laws as they go along? #IStandWithConnie

    2. Lol, who do you think is selling custody of children to abusive fathers? This is who I thought Connie was working for. I guess you haven’t read my article on Attorney’s working for gangs. I also found information on gangs laundering money through attorney lawfirms as I suspected. An article about money laundering by the IRS confirmed my suspicious. It’s in my Facebook somewhere if you want the proof. Maybe people should start listening to what I have to say, my research keeps coming true, sometimes it just takes time to come to light.

      1. What part of what you said is true? Connie Reguli is an upstanding lawyer that knows her rights! She has only legally helped people. We need more Connie’s in America!!

  2. God be with you Connie
    You were a God send to us. You got my children out of their abusive father’s home (when he illegal stole them) and back home safely. You put my children’s needs and safety above all else and fought relentlessly for justice. We are forever grateful. Much love to you.

  3. I find it very interesting – well disturbing actually – that Judge Acree seemed to believe that this could have been handled with a simple contempt of court charge but then came out after a “break” with guns blazing. Very suspicious

  4. If DCS in ALL STATES, didn’t keep children away from parents and try to adopt them when the parent never harmed the child then we wouldn’t need lawyers like Connie Reguli

  5. What’s being done and said against the defendant is Totally wrong! Knowing CPS like I do. I’m with Connie if I’m innocent I’m gonna say it conviction or not. It’s not like it would be the first time a defendant would be wrongly convicted. And anyone else with a right mind is gonna do the same. CPS is guilty of fraud, racketeering, kidnapping, forgery, you name it they are doing it. Now I want to know. What our government is going to do to correct it!?

  6. This situation is only a speed bump. For anyone to thinks Connie will be silenced is crazy. All this ruling has done now with 1700 followers all over the US is to spot light the situation with DCF now nationwide. Maybe we should actually thank them judge for his help. Just a thought.

  7. What a DISGRACE to take Attorney Connie Reguli away from parents who so desperately need her knowledge and EXPERTISE in getting their children back from DCS. The corruption/railroading never ends. The exposure of this case is what every TAXPAYER needs to know about and where their MONEY is really going. They need to know what an EXCEPTIONAL attorney Reguli is, how hard she worked for families. FOR SHAME Bill Acree, you yourself are a participant in CHILD ABUSE and an embarrassment to the legal field.

  8. This is A CLEAR INDICATOR OF THE JUDICIAL TYRANNY under which we live.

    This is obvious and egregious retaliation by a Judge, perhaps a warning shot fired to other attorneys who even THINK about stopping the judicial child trafficking ring the judges have going.


    If every attorney was as guided by their integrity, ethics and goodness as Connie we would have justice in this country. Instead, we have a parasitic cesspool now for our courts. The courts are an ABOMINATION OF CRIMES COMMITTED BY OUR JUDGES, in plain view, including but not limited to adult and child trafficking, grand larceny, coercion, and extortion.

    We need fo take our power, and our children, back from these criminals.

    God Bless Connie & Everyone Else fighting our fascist judges.

    1. Connie Reguli is a hard working attorney. She does what she can to protect children from being separated from loving family. Recently she started helping people across the nation to understand the corruption within family court. CPS steals children for profit! They take children from loving family! They lie on important documents! They commit perjury in court and the judge colludes with them in order to condemn the parents and steal the child/children from them. I speak from experience. We are all so happy and grateful for all that Connie has done to make us understand the “big picture” of this corruption.
      By whom was Connie found guilty? Could it have been by judges and lawyers who wanted to get her out of the way?
      A police officer once told me that a judge is like “God”. I corrected him by telling him that judges go to prison too!

  9. Every time I see a big criminal case and the dude loses, his attorney walks out and tell the press “my client maintains his innocence”. Are you telling me that someone should receive a harsher punishment because they fail to cave in to a corrupt systems before they have appealed? SMH….

  10. I am disgusted with the courts and DCF as everyone knows our courts are corrupted and have been for a very long time. This is a huge problems and I pray that this all gets thrown out like the trash it is and I pray for justice to prevail for Connie and Wendy. I am praying that the people vote out the scum in the courts that knowingly do wrong to the people. Together we stand for justice! Praying this all is overturned and justice prevails!

  11. Connie has fought not only to protect the families she represents, but has also carried the torch for so many across the nation. Her resilient spirit and unwavering determination to bring awareness and restore transparency throughout her own proceedings is the most important testimony of all. Connie Reguli will no doubt continue her efforts to advocate for families and judicial reform. I look forward to seeing what she will accomplish next!

  12. I have known connie for about two years now. I have held her in high regard as she always stands up and fights for those that she represents. You see though doing the right thing is not honored any longer in this world. this is complete abuse of power! you cannot just sit in somebody because they express their innocence. how do you give somebody the right of the first amendment in one sentence and then take it back in the next sentence and punish her for practicing that amendment?

  13. if they can do this to connie, an Attorney who fight for the rights of her clients in Family Court, than what hope do we have as a people fighting for our own rights in Family Court? there is no due process, trying to sentence her to 30 days in jail but, Missouri can lose 1780 kids from foster care without no repercussion?

  14. These corrupted government agencies like CPS, foster care, adoption agencies and family courts need to be abolished, they are trafficking our children, abusing & more, this corruption needs to stop, our children and not for sale $$$$ our children are our future, all of these tyranny government employees & government officials need to be punished for the crimes they are doing to our children & destroying families, and if politicians are involved regardless of political parties need to be exposed, our children need to be returned to their biological families Now!! Stop stealing & kidnapping, trafficking, abusing & more are children & violating our constitutional,ADA & civil rights, we the people are sick & will not tolerate this, we demand our children back now, God gave us the god given rights to raise our children how we see fit without any government entities interfering in our lives, so get out of our lives, you work for us, we pay taxes, not for the government to traffic & kidnap our children to line your pockets & another thing stop punishing the people for speaking the truth of y’all’s tyranny corruption

  15. This is complete horse shit, everyone knows the system is broken and instead of being legit reporters and dig and expose the truth y’all wanna help them cover their crimes and asses by reporting what they want you to report. This whole case is 100% retaliation on one of the faw brave attorneys prepared to call them out and she gets dragged through the mud same as all the families they victimize for the $$$ open your eyes as media reporters the American judicial system is corrupt and run by religious cult-like bigots!!! This article felt like y’all were desperately trying to shove this obvious crap down our throats, while your grasping at straws to get people to believe the family courts and dcf are still the saviors of American families.

  16. When the corrupt judges and prosecutors go after a hard fighting person devoted to restoring parental rights and child safety, it only brings to light their complicit behavior in perpetrating crimes against families. The spotlight is now on their devotion to greed and power. Connie, you are the Joan of Arc ( so to speak) for a truly righteous cause. God has a purpose for you and it’s HUGE.

  17. This is hard to see! Ms Reguli donates her time and money, to help families who could never afford a lawyer!
    I am saying my prayers!

  18. Connie, the Bible says in Matthew 18:6 “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it would be better for him that a millstone were hanged around about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” You have done NOTHING except try to help children and families be together again. God saw everything you did to help families, expose corruption, and to stop the money that flows to cities and states that keeps families apart. You will be rewarded for your efforts. God will not allow your efforts to be in vain. Liberals can’t stand it when their money sources dry up, even if a child/family is sacrificed. God sees. God knows. God will take care of business.

  19. I contacted Connie in 2017 trying to get help for children being physically abused at a behavioral health camp I worked for. The children were mostly DCS troubled kids. She didn’t have the time. I wasn’t so sure Connie was all for parents. I told her if she was exposing the truth, she would be messing with the corrupted court employees money and they would find a away to jail her. So we now know she is on the up and up.

    If you’re going against government corruption never have a license. They will make something up to make you look bad, and keep what the court employees are doing illegally hidden.

    Sorry you have to go through this Connie. I wish you all the best. Remember, you can teach documentation of writing court motions or become a divorce coach. (wink, wink).

  20. The corruption in TN has been brought to light. Connie Reguli is a warrior and has exposed the corruption in the courts and DCF over and over again. The only reason she is being railroaded is an effort to force her silence. We are not going to be silent so the courts can continue to aid and abet the trafficking of innocent children through the tax payer funded corrupt child welfare system. These children have loving families. They are not the court pawns to use for money and power. The truth is being exposed. Thanks to HERO’S like Connie Reguli.

  21. Tennessee will implode at some point from all the corruption! Connie is not sorry and therefore must do jail time? Even though the children were returned to their mother after 10 months in foster care? DCF does not admit wrong doing! They will let kids die in foster care rather than admit they were wrong but let a family advocate say that and they should do jail time? Connie deserves a medal for standing up to a corrupt system. I don’t expect the judge to admit the system he represents is corrupt but it is. She had her license suspended, she had to go to trial…and now jail? For protecting children who clearly were removed falsely? Kids don’t recover from foster care. Even good foster care if there is such a thing. 10 months in foster care is 00 lifetimes without your mom! Protect Connie! As she has fought to protect babies everywhere! Recognize the system is broken! Only the very bravest dare to speak the truth!

  22. If you’re an attorney, you have to be pretty stupid to *not* understand that continuing to profess your innocence, blame others, and show absolutely no remorse in court during sentencing (after a jury has found you guilty), whilst speaking disrespectfully about the court online all the while, is going to become an “aggravating factor” in said sentencing. Then again, Reguli is too arrogant to heed trial basics. It would have been really easy to get that diversion program/dismissal. By her behavior, it’s almost like she *doesn’t want to* practice law again.

    1. Connie may be arrogant but FAR from stupid! A lie is a lie no matter where it is told! Connie uncovered the lies and now the liars are scrambling to silence her! The courts punishing Connie are a disgrace to justice! They ALL should be ashamed as you should “Laura”! You’re disqusting for your condemnation of a woman fighting for families against the CORRUPT HEINOUS SYSTEM aka DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN SERVICES! #ABOLISHCPS #BringOurChildrenHome

    2. So basically your saying just ignore her innocence and do whatever the Court proclaims in order to practice law again? Have you done any research on the many cases that have been overturned in appeals, wrongful convictions, lawsuits, etc? There’s more than enough casetext on CPS/DCS corruption. It takes a strong individual to fight for the freedom of the many and Ms. Reguli should be celebrated as a modern day freedom fighter.

    3. When you have no integrity strength or character, you make comments such as this.
      Which makes you part of the problem. If you support your family by ruining or trying to silence those individuals exposing the corruption, I pray you grow a conscious.

    4. and it is very obvious that you have sold out. you are jaded by either money, job security, or worse you just don’t see it. and is very obvious that you were scorned because Connie has support. I can sense The hostility. if you’re on their side and you’re that mad then Connie must be doing something right.

    5. How foolish for you or anyone else to think that Connie Reguli should kiss the rears of those that persecute her for standing up for truth. You obviously have your head in the sand and live an illusion that the “court” is holler then thou” their a corrupt cesspool

  23. Children’s movement has only begun across this country. Connie has been my mentor in this movement and will continue to be. She is highly respected by all of The Advocates under her within Family Forward.
    This is only another stumbling block put before us it will bring awareness to the court systems across this nation. We are used to be stumbling blocks and they only give us strength and they bring them wearing this to the public. Change is due! We need to save our children and families.
    BE LOUD.

  24. if the regular public knew the details of this case, they would be outraged! corruption, good ole boys systems, bullying and power hungry people have no place in the world today. Really unfortunately Connie is a true advocate for families!

    In this judges time (pretty sure he came out of retirement) This was how they system worked and just like in this picture, the judge sits on top!

  25. I’m amazed and stunned but not surprised. I’ve met and talked to Connie. Another example that the courts really do not want any change to the family law system, and people who advocate against the status quo can end up in prison. This is what facist do to people.

  26. I am in California CPS IS RICO NATIONALLY TAKING CHILDREN ON HEARSAY EVIDENCE AND ALL FOR ASFA FEDERAL FUNDING cps commits perjury and fraud upon the Court this is happening nationally thank GOD for Connie Reguli she is ethical and stand for and by the Constitution. I Pray she is cleared of any alleged wrong doing as GOD KNOWS she only stands by the innocent families. This agency needs to be investigated and all federal funds stopped it is nothing more than racketeering kids for cash

  27. Another reason to end judicial immunity! in black robes! The fake system has completely abandoned law and has zero clue what justice is. Morally and ethically void judges need removed immediately. In every state! Go, Connie!!!!

  28. The courts are just mad because Connie can’t and won’t be their puppet! She’s DOUNG HER JOB she SWORE an oath to! CHILDREN ARE NOT CASH COWS and shouldn’t be a COMMODITY for the courts and DCBS! There are too many corrupt judges and attorneys circling the court system like sharks! It’s time that God and Country come together once and for ALL! How would any of you stating things against Connie like for YOUR family to be dismantled and demolished over FALSE ALLEGATIONS, CRAZY EXES or anyone with an agenda to STEAL YOUR KIDS????? You’re NOT immune! Your family CAN be NEXT! WAKE UP!!!

  29. Connie is a God send life saver to many that are affected by DCFS. I know I am one of them. Connie helped me they my case which was medical fraud by dcfs. If this doesn’t show you how deep the corruption goes. Does it now? It should.

  30. Why is it that every attorney who’s had the courage to stand up for our God given rights has been punished?! To any “court professional” reading this, I can assure you, there’s great reward for Connie Reguli in Heaven. To anyone who gets paid to split up families, kidnap, and destroy lives: I hope you repent before it’s too late.

  31. It is disheartening to see a good lawyer fighting for judicial reform in family court be slammed down like this.
    I am keeping you in my prayers.

  32. Connie is a relentles hero for families and children. It is this pathetic excuse of a Judge? Advocate on a babkrupt corporation trying to keep his income streams flowing in Brown bags and in golf courses to maintain trafficking and abuse. He should be In jail in violation of his oath to the constiution. And bill of righs. What a freaking satanic upside down mess. Free Connie now. She is a hero.

    1. Our government is rigged against those warriors who fight for real justice and not divisoon, abandonment, no reunification and payoffs. Investigate who funds this Judge. Where is his prrof if income CRIS accounts. Hiw dare you arrest this fantastic warrior for children’s and family rights!!

  33. Yep, any and all judicial questionable ethics complaints shall be investigated by the AG, IG, Judicial Ethics Board, and a separate non bias group. And any ethic violations the judge in question shall immediately be jailed for life, forfeit any and all income and reimburse the past 10 years income. Yep, they family of these individuals loose all benefits

  34. 3 of my comments were blocked. enough crooked Judges or Administrators?! operating in a bankrupt corporation for rico ponzi greed and corruption. Find out who donates to them, request their financials for special interest donation groups. These men and women in black death satanic Robes are the criminals and problem… with their burner phones, paperbags full of cash and meeting on the Golf course for more cash. How many of them,the cops, the clerks are pedafiles working for a secret cult? Or married to men dressed as women. Wake up America. These treasonous bastards are the CPS child tafficking problem, no more adoptions, reunifucation with families only. This is a satanic upside down mess. Who are these people waring against the constiution and bill of rights???? WHO!!! They need to go to jail not Connie R who I have met on a few occasions in Washington D C.
    Stop freaking censoring
    And more news 9th Circuit: County, state workers may have violated constitutional rights in bitter child custody case

  35. Maybe the judge and the cps involved in the case and the prosecuters all need to spend some time tomorrow in jail. There the ones that need to repent for their crooked ways!
    If we as a society can’t come together for our children and demand a complete breakdown of the whole justice system. Disbanding the cps, disbanding all lying, corrupt Judge’s, lawyers, GAL’s, D.A, prosecuters, police officers, and investigators.
    Then we need to replace certain laws, change certain laws, reform certain laws, update certain laws to fit with technology.
    And this should come from all those individuals who have been victimized by the system.

  36. The Courts are Corrupt & Corrupting. These “Judges” & Prosecutors are Foreign Agents and practice LEGALese which is Unconstitutional and lacking in Due Process of Law . Federal Courts are no better. The FBI, USDOJ, and DoD are complicit. We need More Connie Regulu and less Fraud, Racketeering in the Judiciary.
    IOWA is no exception: OUTRAGEOUS selective prosecutions evidenced

  37. I absolutely stand by Connie . I have read every one of the comments in this thread. Connie is a rare type. you see in a world full of superficial indoctrinations, we often fell to see what is really truly good. The system is failing the people that it is built to serve. Foster children are missing in the thousands. If you do not believe me just look up Missouri Missing 1780 foster children. you see Connie stands up and risks at all for what is right. what good is it to gain popularity and prestige on earth, if you lose your soul. it doesn’t take a research specialist to see the corruption in children’s division. in Family Court, they have arbitrary justice. Do you even know what that is? look it up! anyway I am team Connie!

    1. A woman in Michigan got her hands on my nieces as their guardian when my sister died. The cops came out to help her get them. They wouldn’t show me the order, but they did tell me what county had issued it. (Detroit has several counties) There was already a case filed in the county where the girls lived. The shyster woman filed in another county and asked for an emergency order for custody, which was routinely granted. However, the same day they took my nieces, I went to the other county court and filed an objection. When she showed up for the hearing, her jaw hit the floor when she walked in and saw that I was already there for the hearing. In her petition, she said she was their mom’s cousin. In court she said she was married to the oldest child’s uncle. The judge took notice and said there were lies, so she ordered an investigation, as well as ordering her to let me see the children the same day. When the investigation was over, it was discovered that she had custody of 14 children altogether, had been married 5 times and never divorced, was collecting about $10,000 in food stamps alone monthly, and over $50,000 monthly in cash. When my nieces were returned to my brother in Detroit, they had only located 4 of the children. I have no idea how long it took to find all the others, or if they were ever found, because she had them scattered all over the place. Sometimes it’s not just the system, but also people taking advantage of the system. That woman had so many warrants out on her that I’m sure she will spend the rest of her life in jail.

  38. Connie Reguli has finally gotten what she deserves! The people supporting her have no idea that she is alienating children from their Father and other grandparents! Karma at it’s finest! Connie is absolutely the most corrupt attorney I have ever heard of!
    I only wish she had gotten more than 30 days in jail!
    She has manipulated thousands of followers who have no clue what goes on behind closed doors!

  39. Connie Reguli is being targeted by CPS and several judges in Tennessee. Why? Because she has been exposing these corruption systems for the last 20 plus years. In the last 10 years she’s been teaching parents how to protect themselves from these vultures. She trains other attorney on the evil tricks these people use. Connie has grown a grassroots movement of over 15,000 individuals who have been affected by CPS and the so call Family Court system. She teaches individuals how to stand up to these people by knowing their rights. She encourages families effected by DCF to get involved by lobbing their legislation for change of the Title IV laws which will take away the financial incentives of states to take children from their families. Again 15,000 people have been watching…15,000!

    1. Barbara Evans, most people are not aware that Connie has several adopted children who have children, as well. In addition, and more importantly, Connie has manipulated grieve with the father’s of these children and her adopted daughters divorced them. Furthermore, Connie participants in PARENTAL ALIENATION and not only keeps these children from their Father, but the other grandparents, as well. Look up Elliot Cunningham, John David Cunningham, and Mary Katherine. Watch the videos of the children with their daddy after false allegations of abuse!
      You have no real clue who you are supporting!

  40. We need to all get together and protest and file a petition against this judge and have him impeach. We need a federal attorney and file a class action suit against DCS and the illegal removal of my disabled Son and everyone who had this happen to them.

  41. God bless Connie. She is an honest, ethical, and hardworking attorney. Her fearless and faithful fight for justice has saved numerous families from this corrupt system. Mine is one of them.

  42. Criticizing these crooks on Facebook is a lot nicer than shooting them, which I would have done.

  43. I rather hope she does spend a little time in jail and loses her bar card. If that happens, she will become a beast that will do even more to help people who are being trampled on by the corrupt system, and one of THE most formidable foes they have seen since I got judge Fisher in Nashville’s circuit court investigated. I would be happy to wake her up to the other stuff. All bar attorneys know they can’t expose the scams and remain members. You are either in or out. When they put her out, hell hath no fury as one who has been rail roaded by the system.

  44. Shameful behavior by the court system! Shameful DCS! Shameful!!!
    Reguli should not be condemned because she had the intestinal fortitude to speak up and about the vial justice system that we have and a judge who punishes free speech needs to be removed!

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