Roy Broderick Jr.

By Alison Decker

NASHVILLE, TN — Roy Broderick Jr, CEO/president of Authentique, immerses culture, people and community in Nashville while cultivating a second location off of West End Avenue.

Authentique is an integrated marketing agency with deep general market and multicultural experience. 

Authentique develops social media content and creative assets. Its mission is to be a collective of consciously disruptive creators and strategists passionate about designing campaigns that redefine the narrative. 

Clients with the agency include Papa Johns, Rice-a-Roni, CMA, Bounce TV, and more. 

Atlanta is currently the headquarters for the growing entrepreneur business that focuses on the LGBTQIA+ community and African Americans giving voice to people’s stories since 2016. 

Nashville is the second location and Broderick moved here last January. The business is looking to cultivate and grow talent in Nashville. 

During the month of June Broderick’s agency celebrated Black gay pride with a client in Washington, D.C. 

Broderick currently serves on the Atlanta Mayor’s LGBTQIA+ advisory board. The board will make recommendations to the Mayor and other City officials that assist in influencing City policies and procedures, and enhance engagement with Atlanta’s LGBTQIA+ community. Broderick also traveled to Israel to on a leadership journey to celebrate gay lives abroad. 

According to the house of Authentique website, “Even as the visibility of LGBTQIA+ persons grows, there is still a lack of acceptance felt. Only 49 percent of those who identify as LGBTQIA+ agree that they can be themselves at school and work.” 

Broderick said, “I love when brands are able to reach the LGBTQ community authentically and not just in the month of June, but all year long and focus on how we can continue to create content and celebrate our differences as an agency.”

The motivation for Broderick’s business is to make everyone from different cultures, countries, and sexual orientations feel comfortable and included in an upbeat workplace environment with a sense of purpose. 

The motto of the company is to design campaigns that redefine the narrative with certified minority- and LGBTQIA+-owned businesses experienced in creating purposeful brand interactions that drive growth and deliver results. 

This June is the agency’s second year of their campaign ‘House of Authentique’ for Pride Month. 

The campaign was a group effort to educate people and raise awareness of intersectionality to understand consumers and people. The website features a new person every week in an interview that tells their story of discovering how to be comfortable in their own skin and with their sexuality. Resources, including those for mental health, are listed on the website for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Broderick said, “We wanted consumers and people to understand it’s not just one thing that sets one person apart from another. ‘Oh, they’re gay, oh they’re bisexual and that’s it.’ There is more to folks and their individuality. It is about celebrating, so we created avatars for the campaign to show differences how everyone can be driven to [create] a safer place.”

The company has worked with the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville, developing marketing, branding, and advertising campaigns for the museum 

and has served as their agency of record for five years as the brand was being developed. 

Broderick said, “As beautiful as it is to have the museum exist in Nashville, it is a national cultural institution that touches much more than the country genre. We wanted to 

show the breadth and depth of music African Americans have contributed to the industry.”

A full list of Authentique’s campaigns and case studies can be found on The agency also has social media pages on LinkedIn and Instagram.