Woodcuts Gallery Presents Art by Charly Palmer

Artist Charly Palmer standing next to the art piece Make America Great Again.

By Aundra Montgomery

(TSU) Tribune Intern

A 20-year friendship and a small conversation led one man to showcase his art at Woodcuts Gallery on Oct. 28 for those who want to see the existence of African Americans in America.

“I do social commentary,” said artist Charly Palmer. “It deals with the existence of being black: the celebrations, the struggles and challenges.”

Every month, Woodcuts Gallery and Framing located on Jefferson Street, showcases the artwork of various artists in an art crawl. Artists that have showcased their work include James Threalkill and XPayne.

Palmer’s style of artwork not only shows what has happened in the past, but also what goes on today. One of Palmer’s art pieces is located in the Carl Van Vechten Gallery on the campus of Fisk University. Palmer was selected to execute artwork commemorating Fisk University’s 150th year anniversary.

While many spectators came to see the artwork and the history behind it, Stephanie Leon was simply looking for activities around Nashville.

“I was looking for something to do,” said Leon, “I typed Nashville, Oct. 28 events and this popped up.”

Leon loved the fact that some paintings made her think outside of what the painting was intending. She also loved the variety of the paintings shown.

“I like the contrast of colors,” said Leon.

Terry Willis, another spectator did not have a favorite piece of artwork, but did enjoy the significance of Palmer’s paintings. One piece of artwork titled “Justice is Blind” moved Willis.

“My mind runs when I see the painting and what is signifies. Its talking about issues in the community,” said Willis.

Palmer used various canvases and even a washboard to show off his pieces. The type of paint that he uses in the majority of his paintings gives him the results he wants.

“I work with acrylic because it’s similar to oil. What I like about it is that if you water them down you get a water color effect,” said Palmer.

Palmer uses acrylic because if he makes a mistake, he can wait for the paint to dry and can paint over it.

“I can layer over and over and it’s like mistake free and it’s quick,” said Palmer, “I can get a painting done in a day.”

The owner of Woodcuts Gallery and Framing, Nathaniel Harris, has known Palmer for almost two decades and was looking forward to Palmer showing his artwork in the gallery.

“I met him at one of the Atlanta art festivals years ago.” said Harris.

Palmer’s artwork brought in a small crowd, but the impact it had on those present made a difference.

Charly Palmer has artwork also displayed in private and public collection such as Atlanta Life Insurance, McDonald’s Coporations, Miller Brewer Company and Vanderbilt University. You can learn more about Charly Palmer at .charlypalmer.com

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