Nashville, TN – Workers from the well known Nashville hot spot Chaatable are striking today after owners , including celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan, changed her tune on closing when she learned the staff was participating in concerted activity. 

The restaurant had been put up for sublease months back, invoking shock from locals and the staff who had not been informed before the decision was made. After asking owners and management what their intentions were or when they would know, staff was told there wer no plans and they would have opportunities at the other concepts under the company MORPH HOSPITALITY. The situation progressed and rumors circulated among staff members from all 4 concepts about the state of the restaurant, so staff at Chaatable reached out once again and were once again told not to worry. When a group of staff got together and sent an email to the ownership from a separate email address, in fear of retaliation, asking for a meeting they were refused. 

Shortly after Mrs. Chauhan engaged the staff in captive audience meetings to tell them she was not planning to close but to move the store and refused to believe staff may have collectively sent the email. She again reiterated that she would take care of staff if they did close without enough notice and repeatedly pushed the narrative that they were “family”. Two days later, she told other staff members she was closing the restaurant “soon” and even as soon as the weekend. She also questioned staff about one of their coworkers part in the unionizing and asked them if they were planning to unionize. 

Friday as staff showed up to work they found a note on the door informing customers the store is permanently closed. The majority of staff were not informed of that decision prior to coming to work. Some staff at that point went to their main building at Chauhan, Mockingbird, and Tansuo to protest and inform the public of the sudden closure and loss of jobs for the staff. $500 has been offered to staff who did not attend yesterday’s action as a form of compensation but staff said that does not cover the time it will take fo rhythm to secure and begin new jobs. 

They are demanding: 

1.Compensation of a normal two week paycheck to cover the money they are losing from the sudden closure of the store. 

2. An honest and public meeting with ownership to answer questions. 

3. Job offers for everyone fired at the remaining concepts.

4. For management and ownership to stop retaliating against workers who are organizing. Anyone who wishes to support can send an email to ownership at this link, Email campaign 

Donate to the solidarity fund set up to help workers who are unjustly fired or who go on strike here : solidarity fund