By Gary Burke

The Boy from Troy/”Good Trouble”
The “Boy from Troy”, Dr. King would call, prepared him
for the freedom rides, and the US Congress halls.
As a student he studied “Good Trouble” with the plight of
the Negroes struggles.
From sit in’s, beatings, marches, segregation would
crumble, he was destined to make history from the
movements struggles.
He arrived in Nashville to combat segregation, to tear
down the walls of our condemnation. They were beaten
for standing up for was right, he was jailed for the cause
our civil rights.
The “Boy from Troy” spoke at the Capital of our nation,
to help illuminate racial aggravation.
On the bridge of “Bloody Sunday” he would let nobody
turn them around, as the Police shouted, “turn back” as
the bull horn would sound. He was left bloody and
bruised and said, “I thought I would die”, that brave and
valiant effort would continue our battle cry.
The civil rights act signed in 65, it gave our movement
cause to stay alive. “We shall overcome” President
Johnson would say, as we still sing those words today!
The “Boy from Troy” with government decided to serve
our nation, with dignity, honor, and grace; now on the
pages of history, he will take his rightful place.
A messenger from God, on our streets he gallantly trod;
he is now walking on the “streets of gold”, his legacy
here strong and bold. A story that “forever” should be
Written by
Bro. Gary M. Burke
Eta Beta Sigma Chapter
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.