NASHVILLE, TN — Advance Financial was honored with various awards this year, including being named one of America’s Best Midsize Employers by Forbes in 2022 for the second consecutive year.

The award is based on a study done by Forbes in collaboration with the research company Statista.

Statista surveyed 50,000 Americans working for mid-sized businesses. All of the surveys were anonymous and respondents were asked to rate how likely they were to recommend their employer. These rankings were based on a scale of from 0 to 10. 

Participants were then asked to name companies other than their own that they would and would not recommend.

Based on the survey results, Advance Financial was able to earn a spot on the list of 500 midsized companies for yet another year, ranking at 81.

Forbes also partnered with the market research company Statista to conduct an independent survey of more than 20,000 professionals. All of the professionals have been working for 10 years or less, and all were from within the United States.

In the survey, employees were asked to rate their workplace based on different factors such as work environment, competitiveness, compensation, and more. Then, they were asked if they would recommend this company to someone else seeking employment. Survey respondents were also asked to nominate any companies outside of their own and were able to name companies they would not recommend for recent grads.

In the end, the research resulted in a list of 250 companies that received the most recommendations. Of the 250 companies, Advance Financial was able to make the list again in 2022, ranking 67.

“To be included on a list with such high-profile national and international companies is an honor,” said Tina Hodges, chief executive and chief experience officer for Advance Financial. “Company culture and employee satisfaction are top priorities for us, so this ranking reaffirms that our employees are just as happy to work for us as we are to have them as part of the team.”

The Nashville-based fintech company was also named a Top Workplace by the Tennessean for a second year.

The Tennessean’s Top Workplace program is designed to highlight companies in Middle Tennessee that have created great environments for their employees. To select the winning companies, a 24-question survey is sent out to collect feedback from employees. This is the sole basis for this award.

“We work really hard to make sure our employees are supported and cared-for with accessible managers, great benefits and professional development opportunities. And we always take their feedback into consideration when creating new employee initiatives,” said Tina Hodges, Chief Executive and Chief Experience Officer at Advance Financial. “We are honored and proud to be recognized as a great company to work for.”

Advance Financial was also honored by INFiN, a Financial Services Alliance and the leading national association representing the licensed consumer financial services industry, with the prestigious Activa Award, in recognition of their outstanding commitment to involvement in local communities across the country. The award was presented to Advance Financial at the MoneyTrends 2022 conference in Austin, Texas, in particular recognition of its ongoing support of the National Museum of African American Music. The National Museum of African American Music encourages its visitors to discover the role African Americans have played in shaping the music industry throughout the years.

INFiN’s Activa Award is given annually to consumer financial services providers who demonstrate an exemplary commitment to giving back to the communities they so proudly serve through a wide array of community engagement and other philanthropic endeavors. The Activa Awards celebrate and promote better understanding of the pivotal role community-based financial services providers play in making America’s neighborhoods good places to live and work.

“The Advance Financial Foundation’s four-year commitment of support for our From Nothing to Something program will allow us to expand our reach through both in person and digital versions of the program,” said Tamar Smithers, NMAAM Director of Education. “We are very grateful for this support.”

“Our foundation has a strong focus on education and health initiatives,” stated Brittni Walker, Executive Director of the Advance Financial Foundation. “We are honored to support a program that will serve as an educational tool for students in our community, which aligns with our goal of supporting organizations that are growing the minds of our children.”

Advance Financial says they are looking forward to continuing to serve their community and employees. If you would like to join the Advance Financial team, you can go to to apply for a job today. 

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