Alex Hailey

Henning TN (TN Tribune)–This year marks the late Roots author Alex Haley’s 100th birthday which was August 11, 2021. His family will kick off a year of activities by promoting the celebration of family history, storytelling, and intergenerational bonds.


Bill Haley Jr., the grandson of Alex Haley, will be in attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the 100th year of Haley’s boyhood home on Friday, August 13, 2010, at 10 a.m. The location will be the Alex Haley House and Museum, which is  200 South Church Street in Henning, Tennessee. He is expected to give brief remarks at the program.


Additionally, Beverly Johnson’s mother Magnolia (Murray) Johnson, who is 99 years old will attend with her daughter. The matriarch of the Murray clan, is also a 6th generation descendant of Kunta Kinte – granddaughter of one of Tom & Irene Murry’s eight children – Louis Murray is scheduled to attend the event.


Beverly is the youngest of Magnolia’s three children ( Decatur [1], Patrice [2] ), and is a 7th generation descendant (like Alex) of Kunta Kinte.


Throughout the year, Alex Haley’s descendants will be celebrating his 100th year through a variety of events and experiences in various locations. If you would like to speak with Haley’s grandson, he is available to explain more about how the year will be celebrated at the event or via email at Please visit to find the family’s press release.