With a crazy presidential election approaching, football season in the air and the holiday season just around the corner, Americans may need to find a way to have a little fun with their favorite “brewsky.” To celebrate National Drink Beer Day earlier this week, Budweiser launched the ‘Beer With Your Buds’ National Survey—a first-of-its-kind study that asked 2,000 Americans (conducted by Learndipity Data Insights, ages 21+) to choose their top drink to enjoy with friends at a bar or other social venue. Key findings include that overall, the East Coast is the U.S. region that loves beer most (40%), followed by the West (36%), the South (34%), and the Midwest (33%).

Domestic beer drinkers are seen as ‘more approachable.’ At bars and other social venues, those drinking domestic beer (such as Budweiser) are perceived as more “genuine and approachable” (70% agree for women, 59% agree for men) compared to those drinking imported beer (36% and 29%, respectively).

But not exactly everyone is in agreement with those findings. Tennessee Tribune Social Media director, Jason Luntz has a different view. “I disagree that domestic beer drinkers are more approachable,” says Jason. “Usually, those who drink imported beer have more in-depth conversations and are able to talk about a variety of subjects. I am a beer snob so I do not have a particular brand but my favorite type of beers are IPA’s or Indian Pale Ales.”

Other findings in the survey revealed that margarita is the highest-ranking cocktail for approachability (38% for women and 28% for men), but still ranks significantly lower than domestic beer. But you still can’t beat a beer. According to the survey, beer is America’s #1 ‘Social Drink of Choice.’ Here are the rest of the numbers from the survey:

1. Beer: 36%
2. Margarita: 17%
3. Wine: 13%
4. Cosmopolitan: 5%
5. Gin & tonic: 4%

The final conclusion of the survey reveals that hands down, Americans love domestic beer by a 2-to-1 margin. So what do you think Nashville? When drinking socially with friends, do you prefer domestic beer (such as Budweiser) or imported beer?