Dr. Christopher C. Thompson

A new, recently released book that uniquely uses the biblical story of Joseph to help develop leadership qualities is being hailed as “transformative” and a “must-read.” 

Choose to Dream: Lessons on Leadership and Living Your Best Life explores the journey of Joseph from his dysfunctional family of origin to his experience as second in command in Egypt. The book extrapolates life lessons from his story and connects them to modern examples where the same principles are at work. 

The uniqueness of Choose to Dream is that it weaves the story of Joseph with the author’s life to help illuminate key principles and life lessons. 

“I needed this book when I first started my professional journey,” says the author, Dr. Christopher C. Thompson. “When I started running into walls, I had to learn the hard way what it took to reach the next level and ultimately to realize the dreams that were deep in my heart and mind. I wanted to tell the Joseph story in a way that is accessible to any young leader who aspires to do something great.”

For instance, in the chapter Get’er Done!, Thompson explains 

how Joseph was forced to learn how to be productive with undesirable work when he became a slave in the house of Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s guard. He then shares a similar personal experience navigating college and learning how to thrive in an unfamiliar environment. 

“Being the first person in my family to attend college meant that so much of the undergrad experience was unfamiliar, and demanded skills that I had never developed,” says Thompson. 

He adds that being away from home and having to adapt to a new environment helped him develop a greater degree of discipline that would benefit him the rest of his life. 

“I’m not sure that I could have developed that kind of discipline had I still been living in my hometown in the comfort of my mother’s house,” says Thompson in his book. “Sometimes God has to remove you from your comfortable environment to place you on a path of discipline and purpose.”

Endorsers of Choose to Dream say it is a transformative and entertaining book that will interest anyone, including non-Christians, seeking information on leadership. 

“When you read this book, prepare to be transformed,” says Wintley Phipps, founder and CEO, US Dream Academy. “It will help alter and shape you into the best version of yourself.”

“Leadership has been my profession for over 20 years, and we often use impact factors called experientials, which means we help clients to learn from experience, both their own and those of others,” says Dr. Darryl Spivey, manager, Leadership Solutions Partner Team, Center for Creative Leadership.  

Adds Spivey, “Choose to Dream helps readers to do just that. Dr. Christopher Thompson captures the reader with his own stories as a leader and stories from the greatest book ever written to make an impact on you as a reader! The engaging anecdotes are entertaining and readable but interwoven with valuable lessons that will both challenge you and move you from being just a leader to becoming an excellent leader. This book is packed with valuable and important lessons for leaders of all levels.”

“When one considers the state of our world, one must conclude that we have a leadership vacuum,” says Dr. Carlton Byrd, speaker/director, Breath of Life TV. “Dr. Thompson, however, has provided us with some necessary tools to address this challenge, along with secrets for developing good leaders. This is a must-read book!”

To learn more about Choose to Dream and purchase a copy, visit www.thinkinwrite.com/dream.