Regina Prude, Every Day Joy

Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.  

— Joshua 1:9—Message Bible

My daughter said I challenged her once with these words:  Every time you walk out of the house, know that you represent somebody!

I remind my grandchildren that they are products of a rich, wonderful history.  So are you. Speak those words to yourself.  You are strong.  You are a child of Greatness.

I grew up in Ohio. I sprang from a long line of feisty, resilient women and proud, heroic, industrious men.  My grandmother stood a cool, dignified four feet something tall.  Her hair was frothy white, like spun silk.  Her face was the color of rich, dark chocolate.

She regaled me with stories of how, as a child, she delivered laundry in the dead of winter, pulling a wagon through the snow, loaded with laundry baskets.   Stopping at each home, she dropped off a stack of clean, crisp, freshly ironed clothes.  Her younger brother often went along.  When he grew tired of walking, he rode while Granny pulled both him and the laundry.

One bitterly cold day, her brother’s feet were nearly frostbitten.  At the next customer’s house, she took him into the kitchen and propped his feet in front of the oven—much to the surprise of the woman of the house.  Picture that!  Such an assertive little black girl—merely a child herself.

Whenever I think I’m having a difficult workday, I imagine my Granny as a young laundry deliverer—and my great-grandmother, the laundress. As a child of greatness, you know that you can struggle on, supported by the God of your ancestors.

Step out into this complicated world, take a deep breath. Exhale a fervent desire to face every challenge.  Stand firm!  Find your strength. You were made for this moment.  Claim your heritage as God’s child.

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