Pastor Henry and wife Dr. Pamela Davenport were big winners on The Price is Right show.

By Janice Malone

NASHVILLE, TN — Like millions of viewers, Bishop Henry Davenport and his wife, Dr. Pamela Davenport, were longtime fans of the classic television game show The Price is Right. The show’s exuberant tagline “Come On Down!” now takes on a whole new meaning to this couple because they won and won BIG on the longtime hit show.

It all started earlier this year (March 14th), when the couple took a trip to Los Angeles to celebrate Mrs. Davenport’s birthday. “I took my wife on the trip because she had been wanting to go on The Price is Right show for years. So, I said, ’Well let’s go!’ I really wanted them to call my wife’s name but lo and behold, they called my name instead!” Pastor Davenport shares with the Tribune, on what turned out to be a trip of a lifetime.

Rev. Davenport with show host Drew Carey during the Showcase Showdown segment.

The Davenports almost didn’t get on the show. They were scheduled to be in the audience for the 9 am taping but due to Los Angeles’ infamous heavy traffic, they missed the taping. But thanks to luck or in this case, divine intervention, they finally made the taping for the 1:00 pm show, which actually took almost two hours to complete.

Everyone is asked to be seated in the TV studio about an hour before taping begins. The pastors had no idea that the show’s announcer George Gray would bellow: “Henry Davenport—Come On Down!”  And that’s exactly what he did. He eagerly ran down to claim his spot on the show’s ‘Bidder’s Row’ with the other contestants. The Reverend was the fourth contestant to make it on the stage with Price is Right show host Drew Carey. He went on to win an all-expense paid trip to beautiful San Diego.

Later in the show, Pastor Davenport’s skilled bidding and continued divine intervention took place again when he finally reached the show’s final Showcase Showdown segment, for a chance to win a 2018 Mini Cooper automobile and a luxurious trip to Calgary, Canada.

Bishop Davenport’s bid was $28,000 for a showcase that was $29,300. The other contestant overbid on her showcase, leaving the Bishop as the big winner of the day!

“You know it was nerve-wracking,” recalls the pastor with a laugh. “I was praying for God to give me the right price. God dropped the winning price in my spirit and that’s what I went with!”

The Davenports’ appearance on the award-winning game show aired earlier this month, June 6th. The couple was under a gag order not to tell family and friends about their big win until after the show’s airing.  First Lady Davenport says, “It wasn’t that hard for me to keep it a secret because I didn’t want anybody to know until they actually saw the whole show. So, it was okay for me.”

Bishop Davenport is the pastor of True Way Church here in Nashville and also pastors Solomon’s Temple Church in Detroit. The membership at both churches were more than excited for their pastors, in fact, there was Price is Right viewing parties of the show at both churches. In a few days, the couple will soon be picking up their fully paid for new Mini Cooper auto at a local Nashville dealership. They’ve taken care of the standard California taxes, which is required, giving them a totally debt free brand-new vehicle. As for the two trips they won, Mrs. Davenport reveals they plan to visit Calgary, Canada in August during the pastor’s birthday and take the San Diego trip in March 2019, which is her birthday month. “I would just like to close this by encouraging people to go on online or call to get tickets to the Price is Right. ( ) The tickets are totally free. The show is so much fun. Drew Carey and the whole cast are so nice,” says Dr. Davenport. The Bishop adds, “We found out that God can give people blessings and miracles through shows like the Price Is Right. This is a blessing to win a brand-new car and these trips. It’s truly a miracle from God.”