NAACP Statement on the Racially Motivated Vandalism of Logan Temple AME Zion Church Knoxville

Logan Temple AME Zion Church
Knoxville, TN — We at KCDP were deeply disturbed to learn of the racially-motivated vandalization of Logan Temple AME Zion Church. We stand with our colleague, friend, and KCDP Vice-Chair Rev. Sam Brown, Pastor of Logan Temple, in condemning this action.
There is no place for racism, hate, and violence in our community. Sadly, we have recently seen an increase in racialized and political vandalism/violence in our community. From the gunshots directed at Planned Parenthood’s facility to the disturbing vandalism at Mayor Kincannon’s house and the Department of Health, this trend is troubling. Much work is left to do as we pursue true reconciliation, justice, and equity. We are proud of the work Rev. Brown has done to promote social justice in our community, including his recent election as Chair of the Knoxville NAACP Branch.
Logan Temple’s own venerable history within the Civil Rights Movement reminds us that change can and will occur when we all work together, to tell the truth, address the issues, and seek reconciliation.