Nashville, Tenn. (TN Tribune) — After helping solve a murder through their true crime podcast, the Nashville-based podcast company Lasting Media is working with a New York native to investigate the 38-year-old unsolved murder of her brother.
Almost four decades after John Bellettieri was murdered on the side of the road, his sister Teresa Alimo is telling the story and seeking answers. After discovering Lasting Media’s podcast “Knock Knock: The Unsolved Murders of Betty Jones and Kathryn Crigler,” Alimo connected with them for help.
“Knock Knock” is a podcast by Lasting Media featuring real families and the real stories that changed their lives forever. In the first season, producer Jason B. Jones told the story of his grandmother’s murder— and after decades of unanswered questions, the murderer was found.
In season two, the team at Lasting Media worked with Alimo to dig into the details of her brother’s murder, interview those close to Bellettieri, and seek justice for the case that law enforcement neglected.
“There were never really answers,” Alimo said. “My parents tried desperately to help find out what happened, there were a lot of people coming out of the woodworks. But I was young. I was 13 when he died.”
The podcast “Knock Knock: The Unsolved Murder of John Bellettieri” launches August 5. Listen to the trailer HERE.
As with other true crime podcasts like “Someone Knows Something” and “Up and Vanished,” Jones and Lasting Media hope they can find real answers for Alimo and her family.
“I thought my job was done after my grandmother’s murder was solved,” Jones said. “But now others are coming forward with similar stories to mine.”
Executive Producer and Lasting Media Co-Founder Jason Barrett said he and his co-founder John Pfaender are excited to partner with Jones on the case.
“John and I are honored to give a voice to a family that has been searching for answers over the last 40 years,” Barrett said.