Nashville Church of Christ Leadership Team shown l-r: Spencer Davidson, Larry Mathis, Shawn Mathis and Brandon Edwards.

NASHVILLE, TN — Over the past two years, Nashville Church of Christ has consciously moved into the 21st Century, extending the reach of the church’s ministries through technology. Two significant digital platforms, Aggos and Harbinger Theological Seminary, have emerged out of the church’s mission to be the leading resource church to the worldwide Churches of Christ.

Aggos is the first cloud-based software platform solely dedicated to the mission work of the global Churches of Christ. It is a “digital mission without borders” with 7,500+ churches in the directory, with active members who reside in 124 countries. The online platform connects churches and members across the world as a place for discussions, interactions, and conversations. Members can talk about how the churches are doing around the world and how churches can better support the work of evangelism and missions. Additionally, online Bible studies and one worship service are offered each week. Aggos is a safe and curated digital community that allows and encourages the fellowship of ideas and values of each Church of Christ member. The growing platform saw more than 300,000 online interactions in January, February, March, and the first week of April. The platform is free and can be accessed through

Harbinger Theological Seminary offers open enrollment for numerous Certifications in Christian Counseling, Christian Apologetics, Multicultural Missions, Bible in the Contemporary World, New Testament and Hermeneutical Studies, and Church Leadership. A Masters and Doctoral level of scholarly studies is part of Harbinger’s strategic plan for the future. Thirty Online Modules, of seven-weeks each, are scheduled for the remainder of the year beginning in June 2020. Everyone is welcome to enroll. As a ministry of the Nashville Church of Christ, there is currently no tuition cost or fee to attend the Certification Programs offered by Harbinger Theological Seminary. The only cost presently to the student is the purchase of materials and textbooks needed for the courses.

Harbinger Certifications are leading edge and designed for professionals who want to impact their communities and the world while improving their performance by mastering today’s most essential skills. Certification Programs are perfect for non-traditional students who are juggling multiple roles and find it difficult or impossible to enroll in a traditional degree program that could take several years to complete. Additional information is available at

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