State Rep. Brenda Gilmore

NASHVILLE, TN — When contrasting track records of Brenda Gilmore and Harold Love a clear difference emerges between an ineffective and effective legislator. While both sponsored about the same amount of legislation Love was far more successful than Gilmore in getting measures approved and made into laws.

Gilmore had 28 bills sponsored. 11 were withdrawn completely. Others were handed off to additional committees or subcommittees, but only one, a solid waste disposal bill, ever became finished and passed legislation. That became Pub. Ch. 335. Over 40 percent of her sponsored bills never went anywhere.

Representative Harold Love had 30 bills sponsored. Nine of them eventually became passed legislation on a variety of issues. Several dealt with criminal justice reform and topics that directly affected the daily lives of his constituents. While a number of his sponsored bills also went to other committees, he had far fewer withdrawn. Overall, his record for crafting and getting legislation through is more impressive than Gilmore’s.

In the real world today what parent would want an ineffective teacher promoted to principal?

HB0723 Sentencing – As introduced, creates an affirmative defense to the enhanced punishment for selling drugs on the grounds of or within 1,000’ of a school, child care center, library, recreational center, or park that law enforcement, or an agent of law enforcement, suggested, requested, or lured the defendant into the prohibited area. Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB0724 Solid Waste Disposal – As enacted, requires county and municipal mayors, and any other authorities, who appoint members to municipal solid waste regional boards to strive to ensure that at least two elected officials serve on each regional board; authorizes the department of environment and conservation to provide guidelines and best practices for composting and recycling to regional board members, advisory committees, and Class I, Class III, and Class IV landfill owners and operators. Comp. became Pub. Ch. 335 05/19/2017

HB0725 Criminal Offenses – As introduced, reduces from 1,000 feet to 500 feet the drug-free school zone surrounding real property comprising a public or private elementary school, middle school, secondary school, preschool, or child care agency or public library, recreational center, or park. Taken off notice for cal. in Criminal Justice Committee 03/29/2017

HB0818 Sentencing – As introduced, makes defendants convicted for having or selling drugs in school zones eligible for parole after serving 33 percent of the defendant’s sentence; eliminates the requirement that defendants serve a mandatory minimum sentence before parole eligibility. Failed in s/c Criminal Justice Subcommittee of Criminal Justice Committee 04/04/2017

HB0819 Law Enforcement – As introduced, requires law enforcement officers to wear wide-angle body cameras that record video footage while on duty, if funded by grants, private donations, or federal funds.Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB0820 Sentencing – As introduced, changes from 1,000’ to 500’ the distance away from a school, library, or park a person must sell drugs to qualify for enhanced penalties under the drug free school-zone law. Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB0821 Sentencing – As introduced, removes requirement that a person convicted of a drug offense in a drug-free school zone must serve the entire minimum sentence imposed before being eligible for release on parole. Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB0822 Juvenile Offenders – As introduced, requires juveniles to undergo a mental health screening after being found delinquent twice of an offense that would be considered a misdemeanor if committed by an adult. Failed in s/c Criminal Justice Subcommittee of Criminal Justice Committee 04/04/2017

HB0823 Housing – As introduced, requires the Tennessee housing development agency to develop best practices concerning implementation of housing programs and options by local entities to assist formerly incarcerated individuals. Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB0824 Law Enforcement – As introduced, requires law enforcement agencies to submit to the Tennessee bureau of investigation reports of the demographics of the following members of the public who interact with the law enforcement agency: victims, suspects, witnesses, and arrested individuals. Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB0825 Sentencing – As introduced, requires a court to sentence a person who was convicted of a nonviolent offense and is the primary caretaker of a dependent child to an individually assessed sentence based on community rehabilitation with a focus on parent-child unity and support. Taken off notice for cal in s/c Finance, Ways & Means Subcommittee of Finance, Ways & Means Committee 04/11/2018

HB0826 Sentencing – As introduced, makes a person sentenced to imprisonment for life based on a conviction for first degree murder, which occurred when the person was a minor, eligible for parole consideration after service of 65 percent of the 60-year sentence imposed, and no less than 50 percent including any sentence reduction credits earned. Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB1163 Clemency – As introduced, requires the state to provide five years of health benefits for persons who are exonerated and found not to have committed the crime for which the person was convicted. Failed in s/c Criminal Justice Subcommittee of Criminal Justice Committee 03/27/2018

HB1466 Historical Sites and Preservation – As introduced, requires the state capitol commission to transfer possession and control of the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest located at the state capitol to the new Tennessee state museum. Assigned to s/c State Government Subcommittee 01/10/2018

HB1467 Criminal Offenses – As introduced, creates the Class C felony offense of reckless endangerment by discharging a firearm into a parade, religious service, concert, athletic event, political event, educational event, or into any other group of 25 or more people who are lawfully assembled.Taken off notice for cal in s/c Finance, Ways & Means Subcommittee of Finance, Ways & Means Committee 04/11/2018

HB1554 Sentencing – As introduced, prohibits a court from accepting a plea agreement or imposing a sentence in a criminal case that is in whole or in part conditioned upon the defendant submitting to some form of sterilization, regardless of whether the defendant voluntarily consents to sterilization. Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB1555 Professions and Occupations – As introduced, repeals requirements that authorization to engage in regulated professions and occupations be revoked for persons who default on student loans; requires reinstatement of licenses for otherwise qualified applicants whose licenses were suspended, denied, or revoked based solely on defaulting on student loan repayment. Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB1556 Election Laws – As introduced, authorizes a qualified person to register and vote on election day or update the person’s voter information and vote on election day. Assigned to s/c Local Government Subcommittee 01/19/2018

HB1580 Criminal Offenses – As introduced, creates the Class C misdemeanor criminal offense of hazing. Def. to Summer Study in Criminal Justice Committee 04/02/2018

HB1581 State Symbols – As introduced, expands the list of animals recognized as state pets to include any animal adopted from an animal shelter or rescue facility instead of only dogs and cats so adopted. Assigned to s/c State Government Subcommittee 01/22/2018

HB1590 Criminal Procedure – As introduced, enables a person who has been disqualified from exercising right to vote due to felony conviction to apply for restoration of voting rights if making payments in accordance with payment plan for court costs, restitution, or overdue child support. Taken off notice for cal in s/c Criminal Justice Subcommittee of Criminal Justice Committee 03/06/2018

HB1708 Victims’ Rights – As introduced, requires a victim of a crime be notified when a defendant is scheduled to be transferred to a correctional complex with lower security designation instead of after the defendant is transferred. Withdrawn. 03/01/2018

HB1845 Dentists and Dentistry – As introduced, authorizes dental hygienists under the general supervision of a dentist to establish or maintain an independent practice or office that is primarily devoted to providing dental hygiene services. Assigned to s/c Health Subcommittee 01/31/2018

HB1984 Sexual Harassment – As introduced, allows a person providing services pursuant to a contract to bring a sexual harassment action against the entity for which the person is under contract in certain situations. Taken off notice for cal in s/c Consumer and Human Resources Subcommittee of Consumer and Human Resources Committee 03/14/2018

HB1985 Public Employees – As introduced, prohibits public employers from discriminating against applicants for employment and employees with pregnancy-related conditions by not providing the applicants and employees with reasonable accommodations. Failed in s/c State Government Subcommittee of State Government Committee 03/07/2018

HB1986 Consumer Protection – As introduced, prohibits any person who regularly engages in or solicits consumer transactions involving the installation of used tires from installing an unsafe used tire on a motor vehicle; specifies that installing an unsafe used tired is a violation of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act of 1977. Def. to Summer Study in Consumer and Human Resources Committee 03/21/2018

HB1987 Taxes, Real Property – As introduced, enacts the “Affordable Real Property Act.” Taken off notice for cal in s/c Local Government Subcommittee of Local Government Committee 03/21/2018

HB2017 Comptroller, State – As introduced, requires the comptroller of the treasury to study the feasibility of establishing a state bank modeled after the Bank of North Dakota. Withdrawn. 02/12/2018