By Clint Confehr

COLUMBIA, TN — Jake and Therri Lane were married four days after Valentine’s Day with plans for a reenactment on a beach in June.

They met in the Montgomery County Jail approximately eight years ago while working. She was a nurse caring for inmates. He worked for the sheriff.

“We saw each other in one of the jail pods as I was distributing medications to inmates,” Therri said.“Everything was strictly professional. We started dating in 2017.” Their first date sparked hours of “really good banter” at a sushi restaurant in Clarksville. They didn’t talk much at work. Jake says he was attracted to her smile and good humor.

Their courtship became exclusive before the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. He began a career in private security. She became a travel nurse with assignments in Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia and Utah. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

His career includes: personal security for celebrities at NFL games; regional trainer for guards at Meta Platforms in Gallatin; and earlier, shift sergeant at Nashville General Hospital during the pandemic.

Covid postponed many nuptials.

The Lanes’ plans were complicated by their preference for a wedding on a Mexican beach. Foreign marriage licenses and arrangements add costs, and come with international ramifications. Their license is from a county clerk for a Tennessee marriage.

Jake proposed on the patio at his Aunt Susan Confehr’s home. After dropping plans to officially marry in Florida during a winter get-away with very few close relatives, they accepted Susan’s offer for a wedding where Therri said yes to Jake’s proposal.

The wedding of Therri Carleita Bradley and Jake Marshall Lane in Columbia was attended by relatives who live in Illinois, Indiana, Florida and Tennessee. Therri Bradley Lane is the daughter of Stephanie and Terrance Bradley of Chicago. Jake is the son of Henry Lane of Osprey, Fla. and the late Terry Lane of Clarksville.

Therri’s brother, Steven Bradley of Chicago, officiated on that Saturday in February. “The weather was excellent, especially since it was so much colder the day before,” the Baptist said. Three tornados touched down in neighboring counties Feb. 16.

During the rehearsal dinner at other Columbia relatives’ home, Jake’s Uncle Clint toasted the couple, noting that: as a nurse she’d keep him in sickness and in health; and he’ll be a loving husband who provides for and protects her.

Few wedding guests anticipated what happened as brother Steven delivered the admonishment: “If anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.” Therri suspected and Steven humored Jake’s move to reveal a pistol holstered behind a coat pocket, presumably to prevent objections. Amusement followed surprise among relatives. “They’re going to write their own vows for [the June ceremony in] Mexico,” Steven said, noting the couple wrote their winter wedding day promises.

The reenactment on a beach in June was canceled. Jake broke a leg, quads and injured an ankle while shooting basketball April 29. Hospitalization, surgery and rehabilitation here led toward recovery in the Lanes’ Sumner County home.

Beach reenactment plans are being rewritten.

Feb. 18 guests included: Therri’s parents, daughter Madison Bradley, nephew Lucas Bradley, brother Steven and Amanda Bradley and their son Ben, Amanda Romo, Aunt Vivian Johnson, cousin Gaddis Rathel, sister Cayla Bailey with boyfriend Archi Dennard, Mae and Evan Dentley, Bob and Tracy McMahon; Brittany and Chad Hinsley with son Thorin, Tim Cross; and Jake’s father, cousins James Lane, Beth Lane Pullman with husband Andrew and son Dylan; and Susan’s cousin Nancy Williams with husband Mike. More may attend in Mexico.

Clint Confehr — an American journalist since 1972 — first wrote for The Tennessee Tribune in 1999. His news writing and photography in South Central Tennessee and the Nashville Metropolitan Statistical...