By Staff Writer

Tre Floyd brings his latest show to Nashville’s Looby Center on July 22nd. 

Tre Floyd was born in Mississippi and started his company, Tre Floyd Productions, five years ago in 2018. With a background in YouTube and accounting, he made the leap to stage with his first play, Love, Sex and Marriage. Floyd opened the first Black-owned theatre in Forest Park, a suburb of Atlanta. 

Floyd’s first hit show, Love, Sex and Marriage, toured 25 cities throughout the United States, and was inspired by his synonymous web series. Much like many of his future plays, Love, Sex and Marriage focused on issues impacting the Black community, in this case, LGBTQ acceptance and the church.  Floyd notes that when he was growing up, he was constantly looking for stories that he could relate to, but he couldn’t find them. 

Each of his shows has an underlying message, challenging the community to address social issues. His latest show, “Black Girl Therapy” is one that he hopes to eventually produce on Broadway. The show takes place in a group therapy session, with each actor assigned a number. Floyd asks each audience member to reflect on what “their number is” and mental health needs in the Black community.  

Floyd encourages young people that want to get involved in the arts to always make the leap because what you may envision is your pathway in the arts, may not always be the pathway that arrives. One of the ways Floyd encourages young people to pursue the arts is through his production company’s scholarship. The Elevating Voices Scholarship is available to high school students that have participated in the arts during high school. If you want to learn more about the scholarship you can visit 

Tre Floyd’s “Black Girl Therapy” will arrive at Nashville’s Looby Theatre at 2301 Rosa L. Parks Blvd. on July 22, 2023. Tickets are available through EventBrite.