By Niara Savage

The Office of Emergency Management continues to discuss their contributions to the Nashville Community and surrounding areas.

The Nashville Office of Emergency Management is the city’s principal agency for both response and preparedness for natural disasters and weather emergencies. The OEM serves as the site for coordination efforts between 911 emergency personnel, OEM officers, and volunteers. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or ‘War Room’ allows OEM staff to moniter whether conditions in real time. Here, officers are able to make decisions regarding school closings and delays, as well as coordinate recovery responses for school bus crashes.

The OEM staff work tirelessly behind the scenes in order to predict when dangerous whether events may occur, and coordinate responses that negative impacts of such events on the community. The OEM staff may advise Nashville residents to vacate areas in the case of a flood or other natural disaster. Whether its the threat of terrorism or a natural disaster, the goal of the Office of Emergency Management is to maximize the safety of Nashville residents.

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