Rosetta Miller Perry, Tennessee Tribune Publisher

NASHVILLE, TN — Presented by President Glenda Baskin Glover, Mrs. Rosetta Miller Perry is being honored with the Tennessee State University Presidential Humanitarian in the Arts Award.  

The presentation will be on Saturday, October 26, at the 5th Annual Harry T. Burleigh Spiritual Festival’s culminating free concert at 7 pm at the TSU Performing Arts Center.  The award recognizes a lifetime of working to open doors and to provide opportunities in the Arts and other areas to people who had been traditionally excluded.  

This prestigious award will perpetuate its recognition by putting into place a mechanism to assist those who will follow; TSU will announce the launch of the Rosetta Miller Perry Scholarship, an endowed scholarship program within the TSU Foundation.  Recognizing her leadership in bringing 105 students from the 105 HBCU choirs to perform for the first time ever on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, the Rosetta Miller Perry Scholarship will offer assistance to students studying Music at Tennessee State University.