A Healthy Marriage is one that reflects Relationship Satisfaction, Commitment to Marriage, Friendship and Spending Time Together, intimacy, and Trust/Honesty. With these five traits in full effect during marriage, there is a much better chance that the marriage will survive and thrive.

Another very important marriage trait is Fidelity. Fidelity is defined as “faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.” Unfortunately this simplebut-powerful concept is becoming a scarce commodity within the prevailing culture. A wise man once said: The question is not: Can I please many women or men? The real question is: Can I please just one?

The next quality is Support. This quality refers to the ability and willingness of one spouse to encourage and contribute to the hopes, dreams, ideas, efforts and priorities of the other. A person who has your back on matters that you consider important in life is a good reason to make that person your partner for life.

Another healthy marriage trait is Effective Communication. This is a marriage “must-have” that can make or break your relationship. This topic is about two people being on the same page as senders and receivers of emotion and information. This is one trait that takes practice, practice, practice.

Next is Non-Violent Interactions. There is absolutely no place in a loving, healthy relationship for physical, sexual, mental or emotional violence. It is paradoxical to simultaneously love someone and intentionally harm someone. To love is to respect and protect.

Finally, healthy relationships Conflict Management. Every marriage has but not every properly handles problems. Conflict in itself not bad. The problem in if we use conflict to us over or take us under.
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